Word Assignment 6

  This assignment will introduce the use of tables in Microsoft Word, and review the use of links from Microsoft Word to the Internet.

Create a new Word document. Name it: Last_First_WdAsg68H

Go to View, Toolbars, and put a checkmark next to Drawing and Pictures.


  Go to Tools, all the way down to Options, and click on Options.
Under the View Tab, put a check mark in the box for Paragraph Marks.
Under the General Tab, remove the check mark in box for "Create drawing canvas".

Close all the windows.

Press enter 5 times. You will see 5 black paragraph marks on the screen. Don't worry, they won't print.
Click on one of the middle lines. Do not be on the very top or the very bottom. You want an empty line above and below the table.
In your Word document, go to Table, Insert Table - like this:

  Select three columns and 20 rows - like this: 




When you have finished doing this, click O.K.

  Now you are ready for the real assignment. Click here to get it.