Word Assignment 6, part A

On the top line of the tables, label the first column as Word. The second column as Definition and the third column as Reference.

In the left hand column of your table, put these words:



File (file menu)
Edit (edit menu)
Cut and Paste
Copy and Paste
Word Processor
Window (when using a computer)
Graphical User Interface (GUI)

To define the words, use Wikipedia


  In the center column, copy and paste the definition from Wikipedia.

In the right hand column, create a hyperlink to the exact Wikipedia page you got the definition from.


Add a column to your table (Table:- insert - rows or columns) on the right side.
Now, put a picture in the table cell that shows what the definition talks about.
For instance, when looking for a picture of "File", you could use the print screen button, past the picture into Word, the crop it, etc., to make it fit into the right size space.



When finished, show your teacher to get a grade.









A spreadsheet is a rectangular table (or grid)
of information, often financial information.