Fourth Grade

Fourth and fifth grade will deal with Microsoft Word in depth. We will learn how to format columns, headers, footers, insert clip art, insert pictures from a file, create hyperlinks, format background colors and/or textures and more.

WdAsg1:  use drawing tools to create the following:






WdAsg2:Include the same picture as above, but
underneath it, add this:
Text Box: Word Tutorials
How to use the drawing toolbar
Drawing Circles and Rectangles
How to use Autoshapes
How to draw with Word
How to use Text Boxes








WdAsg3: Put in the same pictures as WdAsg1 and WdAsg2,  but with a drawing of an elephant in the jungle on the bottom of the page.



WdAsg4:Students download the following file: The Big Hike (click on it) Save the file as: Last_First_WdAsg44T   (last two letters change depending on your class). Your teacher will walk you through the process of formatting the file.

Your article should have the following:


 To see a sample of WdAsg4, click here.

WdAsg5: Students are supplied with two pages of text. They then format the text in a manner identical to WdAsg4. Click here to get WdAsg5.


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