How to create a video from a PowerPoint

1. You have two choices: you can either find new pictures for your movie (go to Google images and find new ones - save them in the correct folder, etc.


Find an image in PowerPoint you want in the movie. Click on it. Right click and copy it. Go to Start, All Programs, Accessories, and open Paint. In Paint, go to edit paste. Then go go Save As to save the image in the correct folder. Be sure to save as a JPEG, not a 24 bit bitmap. Do that for all the images you want in your movie.

2. Create a new folder for the movie. In the folder, save your Movie Maker file. Make sure all of your pictures are saved in the same folder as the movie.

3. You can copy text from the PowerPoint and paste it  to a Title Slide in Movie Maker.

4. How to put your voice in the movie? You can use the microphone in Movie Maker found on the lower left hand part of the screen. Be sure to save your narration in the movie folder.   Or, you can use Audacity. Record your voice, then save as an mp3 file in the movie folder. Then go to Import Audio / Music in Movie Maker.