Dealing with Images


Step 1
Create a folder on your H drive. Name the folder: Picassa
Pick a person you have studied this year in social studies, science, language arts or math.
Use Google to find pictures of that person, and pictures of the concept that made the person famous. Try to get a minimum of 25 images. The images should be large (800X600 or larger).
Save the pictures in the folder you made above. Be sure to name the pictures so that the names make sense to you.

Step 2
In the programs file you will find a new program called "Picassa". Use the program to create a photo album, edit the pictures you collected in Step 1 and save the new, edited versions with a new name. If the original name of the picture is Lincoln, name the new edited picture Lincoln2. That way I can compare your original picture to your edited picture. Edit all of the pictures in some way. Be sure to experiment with Picassa so you are familier with its capabilities.

Step 3
Create a new PowerPoint file.
In PowerPoint, go to "Insert", "Picture"  - then select "New Photo Album". Select "Insert pictures from file". The file you will insert them from is Picassa. Insert all the pictures you needs at one time. The program will put one image on each slide. When you are finished save it in the Picassa folder.
Name the file:  Last_First_images8B

Step 4
Finish your PowerPoint by putting a title slide (slide #1) with your full name, homeroom teacher name, grade and date.
Be sure to set the transitions for your program. You do not need to add text of any kind after the title slide.

Step 5
In the programs folder, open PhotoStory. Save the file as: Last_first_images28B.
Create a new "movie" using the edited images you saved in Picassa. The first slide should be a title slide, just like in the PowerPoint. Be sure to set transitions, video effects, etc. After doing MovieMaker and PowerPoint, PhotoStory is pretty simple. One catch - add narration to your movie and explain why the person you are making the movie about is important. The narration should be in the first half of the movie.