Third Grade

New skills will include opening Microsoft Word, saving a file correctly, changing the file using Word's drawing tools, and saving the file again. We will save a file with different names, find the file the next day, and learn to format text using Word.  We will also start using Microsoft PowerPoint to make basic slide shows.

Vocabulary words we will learn are: open, file, save, save as, mouse, keyboard, control, alt, delete, escape, monitor, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, View, Toolbars,  Enter, Scroll, slide, custom animation, transition, format and homepage.

Third grade will also learn to make a basic PowerPoint program. Students will learn to create new programs, save the programs, create new slides, format the slides, add custom animation and transitions.

Spreadsheets will also be started. Students will learn to add, subtract, mulitply, divide, make graphs and calculate mean, median and mode.


Create a new PowerPoint program and save it as:
Last_First_ppt13T (the letter will the the first letter of your teacher's name.

Put 5 slides in your program.

The title slide should be named: All About Me
It should also have your full name, your teacher's name and the date.

The second slide should be titled: My Family
The third slide should be titled: My Pets
The fourth slide should be titled: My Hobbies
The fifth slide should be titled: All About Me

When you have all 5 slides created, go back and fill in each slide with lots of information about you.

When you are finished with that, go back and format the slide, add custom animation, transitions and narration.

If time permits, add narration, images from file and video.



The Geography Project

The Plant Project