Technology Links



General Information




Annenberg CPB

Great source of online training for teachers in Science, Social Studies, the Arts and more.

CARET: Center for Applied Research in Technology

 Center for Applied Research in Technology – research articles

Education World Tech Articles

 Articles for Tech Teachers


High Plains Regional Technology in Ed. Consortium

 Great source of links for Project Based Learning

Nancy & Laura's Guide to K-6 Technology

 Great source of “How To” articles

 General Web info for educators

Pew Internet and American Life

 Research and the Internet

Technology & Learning Tech Articles

 And you can subscribe to a free Technology and Learning tech magazine.

 Tried and true ThinkQuest

Virtual Architecture

 Curriculum-Based Telecollaboration







Security, Training and  Downloads from Microsoft


Microsoft Downloads

Get Presenter, PhotoStory, WMC10, etc.

Microsoft Office Training Homepage

Good training site.

Microsoft Security Center

Source of downloadable videos about viruses, worms, pishing, etc.



Teacher Internet safety to students

Primary Grades




Early Connections for Technology (primary tech ed)



Online or downloadable jigsaw puzzles. Software may be downloaded directly onto your computer to make puzzles.

Literacy Center      

Great site for primary children to learn letters, numbers and mouse skills.              

  For grades K-2. The site helps children learn shapes, colors, etc.


Digital Storytelling




Digital Directors Guild

General information on digital storytelling

Digital Story Telling in Scott County, KY   

Excellent resource on how to use video to create meaningful stories by kids.

The Center for Digital Storytelling   

Another digital storytelling source.









Royalty Free Music

Limited selection of music





Virtual Tours


Colonial Williamsburg

Virtual tours, interactive exploration. A good virtual fieldtrip.









Historical Scene Investigation

The Historical Scene Investigation Project (HSI) was designed for social studies teachers who need a strong pedagogical mechanism for bringing primary sources into their classroom. Excellent use of primary materials.

Life in the White House

Virtual tour/resources about the White House

The C.I.A. World Factbook

A wealth of information

The Living Room Candidate

An extensive collection of video commercials from presidential elections in the 20th century.

The National Archives

Research materials – and lots of them

Virginia Center for Digital History

Extensive collection of primary source material, much of it relating to our national history, slavery, etc.

Virtual Gettysburg

Virtual tour of the battlefield







The Boston Museum of Fine Arts

Good resource of online art collections from different historical periods.

The Louvre

The site is in French, but it is a great tour. Would be wonderful for a French class.









Sea World Animal Information

Source of information on common zoo animals. Many links also.

The National Zoo

Animal information, web cams



Searching the Hidden Web   

  Use little known search engines to find information of the part of the web that is not easiley accessible.