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Los Alamos National Laboratory math activities 

Marco Polo has a search engine & content linked to AZ Standards:  choose subject/strand/grade level…provides user w/interactive applets, games, lesson plans

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Math lessons & activities

B.J. Pinchbeck’s listing of math resources-fabulous for students/teachers



Interactive Math activities: 

Math lessons & activities 

HUGE list of Math resources…it says 4th & 5th, but there are plenty for 6-8 too!

By grade math topics-online activities, also may be useful for intro activities

Math ideas/online activities/grabbers

Listing of games, based on the MCREL standards, for all grades



Middle & High School Math lessons plan ideas based on topic/concept

Math basics

Interactive Math activities

Interactive activities on a variety of topics:  addition, fractions, geometry, money, multiplication, patterns, sets, subtraction, symmetry, tangrams, word problems & more!!



Strand 1:  Concept 1: Number Sense


Understand and apply numbers, ways of representing numbers, the relationships
among numbers and different number systems.


Skills:  Place Value, Fractions, Decimals, Factors, Ratios, Rational & Irrational #s 

Numbers, Fractions, Multiplication/Division 

Factor game for students 

Factors Product game for students

Lesson plan on ratios



Strand 1:  Concept 2: Numerical Operations


Understand and apply numerical operations and their relationship to one another.


Skills:  Multiplication, Division, Word Problems, Fractions, Integers, Percents, Square Roots, Scientific Notation 

Games you can create: numbers & operations:  multiplication, fractions, division, prime #s 

Fractions, Decimals & Percents list of links

Lessons, exercises, worksheets, educational games, open-ended problems in Math:  metric system, integers & decimals 

Various topics

Scientific notation



Strand 1: Concept 3: Estimation


Use estimation strategies reasonably and fluently.


Skills:  Various types of Graphs, Charts, Tables, Venn Diagrams, Mode/Mean/Median, Causation/Correlation  Data, Mean/Median/Mode activities  Estimation


Mean & Median Graph maker  Time estimation


Strand 2 Concept 2: Probability


Understand and apply the basic concepts of probability.


Skills:  Probability Probability activity for students  Probability


Lesson plan on probability  Probability links


Strand 3:  Concept 1: Patterns


Identify patterns and apply pattern recognition to reason mathematically.


Skills:  Patterns


Numeric & geometric patterns online activity  Lesson plan for patterns


Strand 3:  Concept 3: Algebraic Representations


Represent and analyze mathematical situations and structures using algebraic representations.


Skills:  Algebraic Equations  Easy algebra equations  Algebra game  List of algebra resources  List of algebra links


Strand 4: Concept 1: Geometric Properties


Skills:  Geometric shapes, Tangents, Secants, Angles, Geometric relationships,
Length, Area, Volume, Polygons, Diameter, Radius, Circumference  Measure, Shape, Angles activities


Length, Perimeter & Area


Geometric shapes  Geometry resource list  Patterns & Relationships  Geometry links


Concept 2: Transformation of Shapes


Apply spatial reasoning to create transformations and use symmetry to
analyze mathematical situations.


Skills:  Transformations, Tessellations, Reflections, Rotations,


Congruence, Similarity, and Symmetry


Tangram puzzles to print out 

Tangrams links 

Tessellations links

Concept 3: Coordinate Geometry


Specify and describe spatial relationships using coordinate geometry
and other representational systems.


Skills:  Plotting Coordinates, Linear Equations  Coordinate activities


Strand 4:  Concept 4: Measurement - Units of Measure


Understand and apply appropriate units of measure, measurement techniques,
and formulas to determine measurements.


Skills:  Quadrilaterals, Surface Area, Volume, Metric Conversions,
Measurement, Parallelograms, Triangles, Circles, Circumference, Perimeter,
Polygons, Time/Calendar, Weight

Online math tools & activities:  calculator, conversions, & more

Metric system lesson plan

Lesson plans on measurement 


Conversion links   Msrmnt resources 

Metric system links 

Time/Calendar links

Concept 1: Algorithms and Algorithmic Thinking


Concept 2: Logic, Reasoning, Arguments, and Mathematical Proof


Evaluate situations, select problem-solving strategies, draw logical conclusions, develop
and describe solutions and recognize their applications.


Skills:  Word Problems, Algorithm, Venn Diagrams, If..Then, Formulas  Games: problem solving  Pythagorean Theorem  Math stories, word problems, critical thinking problems Weekly brainteasers Grade 7 word problems  Brainteasers & puzzles  Word problems (more basic level)


MATH WORKSHEETS to print/ACTIVITIES Printable Math worksheets-you choose the topic Printable Tangrams

List of graphing links, worksheets, etc.

List of puzzles-patterns & relationships links, worksheets, etc.

This site provides pre-made worksheets..choose the topic or create a customized worksheet

List of problem solving sites-worksheets & activities

Word problem sites to choose from based on topic-worksheets/activities

Sequences worksheets/activities