AOL at School  
CoxEdNet  The Cox Education Network
Disney Channel in the Classroom:  
Education World  A online version of the magazine for teachers
Gigglepotz for Teachers  
Ivy's Bookcase - lots of stuff  Resource materials for both teachers and students
Online Coloring Books  
The Buddy Project  A wealth of technology based projects for teachers to use with their classes
Wikipedia - free online encyclopedia  The source for almost any fact.
 Martindale's The Reference Desk  It is just that - a reference desk. Lot's of information here.  Find any current news article on the web
 The Educator's Reference Desk  Great for teachers and parents
 The Invisible Net

A Lexicon of Learning   

 A very unusual search engine that searches sites not normally searched by Goole, etc. Especially good for technical subjects.

A dictionary of general education terms. Very useful for use with parents and the general public.



Flemington-Raritan Regional School District
Differentiated Instruction
An in depth site with many resources about instruction and specifically, differentiated instruction.
PowerPoint templates from Brainy Betty A lot of neat PowerPoint templates for use by teachers and studetns.