Integrating Technology and Your Content Area

Part 2  Thursday, 3/12/2010

Examples of teacher projects: Ms. Start and Ms. Mason

Dysart E3 Project Based Learning Units
These are complete lesson plans for Project Based Learning. Use these to get ideas of projects you can do.

Glogster for teachers  This site lets students create posters online. Ms. Mason has examples of these.

Wikispaces for teachers   How to use wikis in education:

A list of 100 wiki projects currently in use:


The Hat
This is a random number generator, random name generator - not related to integration, but perhaps interesting.



Part 3.

The assignment is to explore the links and look for answers to our discussion. How can technology change the way you teach? Take your time and explore each of the links below. Some will apply to you , some will not. Explore in depth.

Internet Resources Units 

Student Projects  A wealth of information and suggestions for projects


 Melodie Brewer         A wealth of sources related to all thing technical in the classroom

20 ways to incorporate tech into regular classroom    

 Student Websites and Teaching

 Wikis as a teaching tool. Boring article with really great ideas about how to use a wiki to teach

 Slideshare a repository of PowerPoint presentations about an incredible number of things. Search on Blogs, Wikis, Video in the Classroom, etc.

 Video about successful program:  Pleasant Ridge

The article we read is located at:  One Thing You Should Know About Technology


Part 4

There are three EtherPad documents you must visit and write on.

a.   Do you think technology can really change the way you teach?

b.   What strategies did you find that make sense for your classroom.

C. How will you implement this in your classroom?