What can Google do?

Highly specialized searches. Instead of getting 20,000,000 results (literally) get less than 100
Specialized searches
Define words found on the Internet
Calculate: complicated math or simple math
Conduct Government searches only
Cell Phones: use Google on your cell phone: Texting (anyone can use this one) or Internet based Google
Maps: anyplace in the US
Earth: see the world from space
Stores: one click and the store calls you
Alerts: send you email about subjects you request
SketchUp:3D drawings that are terrific - looks like something from a movie
Trends: graph Google
Books: find any book, any quote, any plagiarizer
Picassa: free photo editing/organizing software
Spreadsheets online
Word Processing online
Online Calendar
Custom Hompages
Make web pages
Google Mars
Google Moon
Create Blogs
Translate from one language to another language
The Latest News
Google Scholar
Online e-mail (blocked by the district)
Instant Messaging (blocked by the district)

And last, see what Google will come up with next!

And more - I'm tired of typing

Oh, yes, one more thing: it is a
search engine too. It's not hard, and it doesn't take long. Streamline your life.