During the first quarter of this year, second grade students will be reviewing: how to log on, practicing mouse skills by doing jigsaw puzzles, practice opening the Internet and finding my homepage, finding The Literacy Center and more. This will be a review of last year.


New skills will include opening Microsoft Word, saving a file correctly, changing the file using Word's drawing tools, and saving the file again.

Vocabulary words we will learn are: open, file, save, save as, mouse, keyboard, control, alt, delete, escape, monitor, Microsoft Word, View, Toolbars,  and homepage.

During the second and third quarter of the year the second grade will continue to expand on using Microsft Word and typing stories. Also, the drawing program Paint will be introduced and used to illustrate stories written by students. Vocabulary words will be: select, JPEG, bit map, eraser, fill, airbrush, ellispe, polygon and rotate.