Google Trends



1. Create a new Microsoft Word document. Name it: Last_First_trends8B   (last two items are grade and homeroom)

You may remember how to print the screen when using a computer. The Print Screen button is on the upper right hand side of your keyboard.

Also, remember, in Word, you have to use your toolbars and set them before using Word. For help in doing that, click here:


2. Go to this address:


3. Google Trends lets you compare the number of search items on Google for two or more different things.

For instance, you when in Google Trends you can compare the number of searches for Good and Bad. Try it and see how you do. Here are some suggestions if you can't think of any: Yankees and  Diamondbacks, Fishing and  Hunting, Beyonce and  50 cent


4. Now, pick two (or up to five) things to compare. Type them in the Google Trends searchbar.

Change countries:  United Kingdom vs. Brazil (you choose)

Change languages: English vs. French (you choose)


In each case, print the screen and paste it into your Word document. Use the Cropping tool so you only see the relevant graph. Under each graph, write a short explanation of what the graph shows.


You should have at least three graphs and explanations to show and explain. Save the document. Call your teacher to have the assignment graded.