The search term site: can be used to find specific types of sites, i.e., .com, .org, .edu, etc. However it cannot be used by itself; it must be used with another search term.

Example:  intext:"americanrevolution" site:edu     Notice, I did not type .edu, just edu.


Do this:

1. Create a new Word document. Name it: Last_First_site8B (last two letters/numbers change for you)
2. Use Google to do a search using the site: command - and use intext: also. You may search any subject you like that is appropriate for school. Print the screen and paste it into the Word document. This search was to get the hang of it. Step 3 will tell you what to do for the assignement.

3. Now do more searches. The intext part will stay the same. What will change is the site part. Do searches for:   .org, .edu, .com, and .biz

Copy the following questions and paste them into your Word document under the pictures. Answer all questions fully in your Word document.

A. When you compare the 4 Google search results in the pictures above, what do you notice about the number of returns? Explain fully.

B. Do one more search. You will paste the Google results under this question. What I want you to find is this:  search for sites with the word "mitosis" in the title that are and .edu site.