When using Google the "link:" search feature may only be used by itself. What it tells you is how many other websites link to a particular site. All you have to do you use the "link:" search feature is put a complete web address after the word "link:"

Example:  link:


Do the following:

1. Create a Word document. Name it: Last_First_link8B (last two items change for you)
2. Do searches on these:

As you do the searches and get the Google results, print the screen and paste it into your Word document.

Copy these questions and paste them into your Word document under the pictures you pasted.

1. On each search you did, the results told you how many websites linked to each of the address. What are your results:

How many sites linked to Dysart?
How many sites linked to Google?
How many sites linked to Yahoo?
How many sites linked to Time?
How many sites linked to National Geographic?

2. How could it be useful to know this information? Think of at least three ways.