First Grade


During the first quarter of this year, first grade students will be learning: how to log on, practicing mouse skills by doing jigsaw puzzles, practice opening the Internet and finding my homepage, finding The Literacy Center and more.

Vocabulary words we will learn are: open, file, save, save as, mouse, keyboard, control, alt, delete, escape, monitor, tools, view,  and homepage.

During the second and third quarter the first grade will expand on what they learned in the first quarter. We will work on developing mouse skills so that students can perform tasks quickly. In addition, as students show readiness we will learn to open Microsoft Word, save a file correctly, change the file using Word's drawing tools and saving the file again.


Assignment 1:
Find our homepage:  (1 period)

Assignment 2:
Go to the jigsaw puzzle page and practice putting together some puzzles. (2 periods)

Assignment 3:
Use Word to draw a simple picture using squares, circles and arrows. Change the colors and make the items all 3-D. Put a border around the picture. (3 periods)






Assignment 4: Use Word to draw a picture. You should be able to draw the ground, bushes, trees, the sun, put in a blue sky and maybe even an elephant or a dog. (4 periods)